ORBCOMM, a global satellite telecommunications company, announced its agreement with GE TIP (Transport International Pool, Inc.), a trailer fleet solutions company, to provide data transmitting services for GE's asset tracking product for trailers, GE VeriWise. Using ORBCOMM's low-earth orbit satellite network, GE's customers are able to easily locate tethered and untethered trailers anywhere in North America, according to the company. GE Transport International Pool, Inc. first introduced the GE VeriWise asset-tracking product at the National Private Truck Council meeting in St. Louis this past April. The company says this product is designed to help privately owned fleets and trucking companies improve their productivity and logistics management capabilities. The asset tracking solution can be used in applications beyond trailers, and was developed following customer research as well as GE's equipment monitoring knowledge within other products like locomotives, turbines and aircraft engines. After extensive testing and evaluation of available technologies, GE says it selected the ORBCOMM system as the core communications component in developing the GE VeriWise product. The system consists of a durable ORBCOMM transceiver and battery pack mounted together in the trailer nose, and a low profile antenna placed on the front panel of the trailer. The GE VeriWise components can be installed on trailers at customer sites or at a local GE TIP facility. Featuring a rechargeable 4-year battery, the system can operate untethered for up to 120 days. Trailer location data is sent automatically at regular intervals and through electronic poll requests. The data is available to GE customers through a secure sign-on area in the GE TIP website: www.tiptrailers.com. "The selection by GE solidifies ORBCOMM's position in the asset tracking market, and is a testament to the capabilities of the ORBCOMM satellite network," said Jerry Eisenberg, ORBCOMM's co-chief executive officer. "We are pleased to be able to meet both the technical and cost requirements for GE and are proud of our vital role in this ongoing relationship." "The GE VeriWise asset tracking solution offers the right combination of performance, features, price and expandability that our customers demand," said Christopher Kelley, vice president, product development, GE TIP. "The technology provided by ORBCOMM's satellite network, combined with the resources available within GE, resulted in an asset tracking solution that customers can depend on. We are glad to join other GE businesses in offering services using the ORBCOMM network." About ORBCOMM ORBCOMM is a wireless telecommunications company that provides data communications services to customers around the world through its low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite network and global ground infrastructure. A diverse customer base uses ORBCOMM services to track, monitor and share information between mobile and fixed assets around the world. ORBCOMM data communications services are used by customers to track mobile assets including trucks, containers, barges, fishing vessels, locomotives and heavy machinery; to monitor fixed assets including pipelines, oil wells, energy meters, and storage tanks; and, to share information through data messaging services. For more information call 1-800-ORBCOMM or visit the Web site at www.orbcomm.com. About GE Transport International Pool, Inc. A unit of the General Electric Company, GE TIP is an over-the-road trailer services company with more than 40 years' experience in the trailer renting, selling and leasing business. With a fleet of more than 125,000 units, GE TIP is headquartered in Devon, PA, and has an extensive network of over 100 branches in the United States, Canada and Mexico. GE is a diversified services, technology and manufacturing company with operations worldwide.