Kelley Blue Book (, a resource for automotive information for both consumers and the industry, launches new consumer pricing research on New Car Blue Book, values for new vehicles representing real sales data from recent consumer car purchases. New Car Blue Book, found on new car pricing reports, enables new car shoppers to know how much a specific make and model is actually selling for during any given week. New Car Blue Book pricing reports will also define the market conditions for that make and model, a feature unique to Kelley Blue Book, according to the company. New Car Blue Book is offered as a single value, a range and information on current market conditions. The New Car Blue Book price represents the typical selling price for a given vehicle, but not all cars sell for the exact same price, which is why the company also offers a price range. The range, another feature unique to Kelley Blue Book, represents prices that typically occur for each make and model. By showing both the low and high ends of the range the company can better reflect whether a given vehicle's selling price varies widely or hardly at all. Each new car pricing report also includes the current market conditions for that vehicle. These market conditions explain and help the consumer to better understand each New Car Blue Book value. "This is the single most useful piece of information a consumer can have when researching and purchasing a new car," said Charlie Vogelheim, executive editor Kelley Blue Book. "Because Kelley Blue Book is trusted and used by both the consumer and the industry, we are often held to higher standards than other pricing entities. Because of that, we obtain tens of thousands of actual transactions from dealers nationwide each week to ensure we are providing values the industry can use and consumers can rely on." According to the 2002 J.D. Power and Associates New Study, a transaction or sale price for a new vehicle is one of the most sought after pieces of information by automotive Internet shoppers researching new cars, but one of the hardest items to find. "New Car Blue Book is not about just providing a number, but explaining this value to the car-buyer through our market conditions feature," said Stephen Henson, vice president of marketing and business development. "This tool is about helping the consumer become as knowledgeable as possible to help them to make more informed car-buying decisions. About Kelley Blue Book ( Kelley Blue Book is an information resource for both consumers and the auto industry, providing research tools and up-to-date pricing on thousands of used and new vehicles. The company says it offers objective vehicle pricing via products and services including the Blue Book Official Guide, software and Internet site,