PHH Arval, a vehicle management company, and SeeBeyond a global provider of enterprise integration and composite application assembly solutions, were recognized in the "Best EAI Solution" award categories by Business Integration Journal (formerly eAI Journal). The PHH and SeeBeyond entry placed second in this enterprise application award competition. PHH and SeeBeyond say they developed a technology solution that would ensure successful management of accurate, up-to-date information on fleet drivers. The solution accesses and updates driver information in real time from within PHH InterActive* while guaranteeing that other applications as well as PHH's data warehouse and datamart remain perfectly synchronized, despite having heterogeneous interfaces and service levels. This saves time (for both PHH and the client company) and ensures accuracy of all-important driver information, say the companies. Tim Talbot, senior vice president and CIO at PHH, commented, "Our goal at PHH is to maintain our leadership position in developing technology that significantly impacts customer service and client satisfaction. We continue to develop and deploy driver-oriented systems and products, built upon a reliable foundation of consistent driver data across our core applications." This year's panel of judges in the Business Integration Journal Awards consisted of top industry analysts, including Michael Barnes of META Group, Tom Dwyer of Aberdeen Group, Tim Jennings of Butler Group and David W. McCoy of Gartner. The panel was completed by David McGoveran, senior technical editor for Business Integration Journal, and chaired by Tony M. Brown, editor-in-chief of Business Integration Journal. To learn more about the awards program, please visit Founded in 1946, PHH Arval is a vehicle management company. A subsidiary of Cendant Corporation, PHH Arval says it provides integrated leasing, management and card payment solutions to thousands of corporate, government and service-related fleets, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 500 companies. In conjunction with its strategic partners throughout the world, PHH Arval manages over 1.3 million vehicles worldwide. For more information about PHH, call 1-800-ONLY PHH or visit