Positioning Solutions, manufacturer of Mapopolis-branded GPS systems, announced the immediate availability of GPS navigation systems for 10 new handheld models, ranging from the Siemens SX-45, to the ViewSonic V-35 to the older Palm Vx. According to the company, the systems for Pocket PC handhelds include Mapopolis Navigator which provides spoken and visual prompts before each turn and will automatically re-route you if you should miss a turn. The Palm OS systems generate turn-by-turn directions right on the Palm OS handheld and allow you to view the route-map with your GPS position overlaid. Both types of systems are able to generate coast-to-coast, door-to-door directions. "The consumers just want it to work," said Positioning Solutions CEO Jeremy Straub, "They want a system specifically designed for their PDA -- not the more popular PDA that they didn't buy or the one that came out six months later. We are committed to providing navigation solutions for as many types of handhelds as possible." The ten new bundles add support for the Palm Vx, Handspring Visor, Handspring Edge, ViewSonic V-35, Casio E115, Siemens SX-45, Asus A-600, and the NEC 300E, Besta I-Winna, and Acer N-20 Handhelds. A complete list of available bundles and retailers carrying them is available at www.positioningsolutions.com. Founded in 2003, Positioning Solutions is the exclusive manufacturer of Mapopolis branded GPS systems. The company's products are available on three continents and in over twenty-five countries. Positioning Solutions says it has developed GPS systems for more than 40 different types of handhelds.