Smith System, a professional driver training company, announced the availability of its Incident Review Course, a two-day course that teaches fleet managers and supervisors how to assess traffic incidents and counsel drivers on incident prevention. Using the Smith System "Five Keys to Space Cushion Driving," the course also teaches the communications skills needed to counsel drivers on their specific driving habits and reinforce driver training, says the company. "To prevent future incidents, fleet supervisors need to instruct and advise drivers appropriately," said Tony Douglas, president of Smith System. "A poorly handled judgment on how to prevent a traffic collision can damage morale, expose your organization to liability and impact support for your safety initiatives." With both classroom and on-road instruction, the two-day session includes: Information to help develop policies and standards for Incident Review Committees, communications skills on how to counsel drivers without hurting morale, counseling techniques to help drivers grasp their mistakes and understand the changes necessary to avoid a repeat incident, and opportunities for each student to analyze common crashes. For a full schedule of classes and locations, or to enroll, call Smith System at 800-777-7648. About Smith System Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc. was founded in 1952 as the nation's first fleet driver safety training organization with on-road, hands-on safety education techniques for experienced drivers. Smith System delivers behind the wheel instruction to more than 15,000 fleet drivers each year and has presented their program in 47 countries. In the past decade, Smith says it has provided services to more than half of the current Fortune 500 fleets and is the only company in the industry that guarantees the quality of their training. In addition to its on-road training and extensive video and DVD library, the company offers web-based education and fleet monitoring. Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc. is owned by a private investment partnership led by McFadden Brothers, a New York City based firm. For more information, visit