Ed Rickerson, MOBILTRAK Inc.'s vice president, operations, recently announced that the company has contracted with Installs Inc. to help provide installations to its client roster. "Outsourcing our installations will not only decrease our costs but also decrease our installation times, says Rickerson. "Partnering with Installs Inc. and gaining access to thousands of their installers across the country will greatly benefit our company." Installs Inc., headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y., manages many types of installations, including home and commercial video satellite systems, home theater systems, off-air antennas, plasma televisions, TiVo, Ultimate TV and Replay personal video recorders, high speed broadband satellite systems, fixed wireless broadband systems and digital audio radio commercial installations. The company's services are available from coast to coast. "MOBILTRAK is a national company and as our client list continues to grow nationwide, we needed to ensure that our installation process would continue to be prompt and remain at our high standards," adds Rickerson. "After much consideration we selected Installs Inc. because of its great reputation for working with everyone from Best Buy and DirectTV to the NFL. We look forward to a long, successful relationship with them." The company says MOBILTRAK DSP Radio Monitoring System uses patented technology to offer real-time reporting on media consumption and consumer traffic patterns at specific locations. MOBILTRAK RMS identifies potential customers in traffic, thereby generating more business and revenue to a company's bottom line. In addition, MOBILTRAK RMS ensures that advertising investments are based on up-to-date information, and introduces accountability to the advertising equation by directly monitoring response to advertising campaigns. MOBILTRAK allows agencies, retailers and brand managers to increase the return on their advertising dollars and to precisely quantify those returns. MOBILTRAK corporate headquarters is located at 3454 North San Marcos Place, Suite C-9, Phoenix, Arizona 85225. For more information call (480) 892-8787 or visit www.mobiltrak.com.