When Joe Tuscano, owner of Countrywide Transport, headquartered in Bohemia, NY, installed Navtrak in his vehicles for safety and security purposes, he never considered Navtrak to play a part in recounting the events that happened on May 5, 2003. According to Tuscano, one of his drivers left New York enroute to Arkansas. All was routine except the weather. Tornado warnings were being sounded across the region. His driver was fine until he reached Interstate 40, in Knoxville, Tennessee around 08:05 PM (CST). The driver found himself in very close proximity with a tornado. Although the tornado and vehicle never actually crossed paths, the vehicle was caught in the incredible force of the wind. The wind bounced the truck around and finally slammed it into a retaining wall. Luckily the driver was not injured. The 2002 Volvo was destroyed. The company says Navtrak tracked the path of the truck including the entire event, without missing a report, 157 data points that day and none lost. The report only ended after the local fire department had cut the battery connection for their safety concerns. Joe Tuscano says he was amazed to see the vehicle’s path leading up to and during the events. Joe was glad that his driver and the Navtrak Mobile Manager, survived to tell their stories. "We sell, install and service Navtrak vehicle tracking devices and we were curious to see the physical condition of this Mobile Manager. Would it perform as well as it did before that unfortunate day?” says Christopher Swierkowski - owner of Havit Systems Corporation. "When we received the Mobile Manager, it was intact. We powered it up, tested it thoroughly - it worked flawlessly. I thought to myself, 'this product is just like a Timex watch, it takes a wackin' and keeps on trackin!"