DriveCam Video Systems, a developer of fleet safety technology, announced that Empire International Ltd., a provider of chauffeured transportation in the U.S., has equipped 350 vehicles in its fleet with the DriveCam Driving Feedback System. Based in Norwood, N.J., Empire International says it specializes in providing service in more than 450 metropolitan markets, with many Fortune 500 corporations and some of the top entertainment companies in the world as its customers. "DriveCam helps us maintain superior customer care while lowering our insurance losses,” said David Seelinger, president of Empire. "I am not trying to promote a product, but DriveCam has saved us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced collisions. We have reduced our collisions by 62 percent and can now self-insure for collision coverage. I can’t say enough about it – it is a fantastic program for us." DriveCam says its Driving Feedback System integrates video technology and management software to identify high-risk driving habits. Driving events are collected by DriveCam, a palm-sized video recorder mounted behind the rearview mirror that records what drivers see and hear. Video files are automatically downloaded to a computer, where HindSight 20/20 software allows managers to view and analyze driving performance. Videos can also be emailed directly to insurance carriers to settle claims. "We are privileged to work with a quality company such as Empire, who is concerned about driver and passenger safety," said Ed Andrew, president of DriveCam. "DriveCam's Driving Feedback System provides a comprehensive program to monitor, track and improve driving performance. Improved driving performance not only impacts safety, but reduces risk and lowers operating expenses for commercial fleets." About Empire International Ltd.
Empire International, Ltd., founded in 1980, is a provider of chauffeured transportation services. The company says its resources include more than 12,000 vehicles worldwide and 20,000 dedicated transportation professionals. About DriveCam Video Systems
DriveCam Video Systems develops fleet safety programs that it says improves driving performance and lowers operating costs. Based in San Diego, the company’s Driving Feedback System combines video technology and management software to identify high-risk driving habits. When accidents occur, DriveCam recordings provide unbiased evidence to determine fault and expose fraudulent insurance claims. Used by thousands of commercial vehicles, the Driving Feedback system has been endorsed by the insurance industry as an effective loss control system. Additional information is available at