Navigation Technologies, a provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation, Internet/wireless, government and business solutions, and Iteris, Inc., a provider of real-time traffic information, are collaborating on a four-city trial of Navigation Technologies' real-time traffic data solution for North America. The trial is currently underway in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Detroit. Navigation Technologies says it has developed a traffic data solution designed to aggregate the data of multiple traffic data providers, like Iteris, to provide the real-time traffic information. The solution allows the information to be packaged for delivery to vehicles and wireless handheld devices to help drivers in North America make smart routing decisions. The solution is uniquely designed to provide detailed traffic information aggregated specifically for navigation applications. It can receive multiple sources and types of information from incident (accidents, stalled vehicles, etc.) and flow (speed and movement of traffic) to weather and events. The information is merged with NAVTECH(R) map data through a data integration process for delivery to an in-vehicle navigation system, PDA or mobile phone through a wireless signal. Navigation Technologies says its traffic data solution employs an inclusive, flexible architecture that is scalable to multiple data providers and markets. Iteris' traffic incident and flow data are key enablers of Navigation Technologies' four-city traffic trial. Iteris develops products and services to address the safety, security, and management of roadways, facilities, and networks. Iteris is a provider of real-time traffic information that includes current traffic speeds, traffic accidents, roadway construction, travel times, and streaming video traffic cameras. Navigation Technologies first demonstrated a North American traffic data solution in October 2002 at the 9th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), the global conference and exhibition on transportation technology. About Navigation Technologies
Navigation Technologies creates digital maps that power navigation and location-based services around the world. The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and is privately held. The Company's approximately 1,300 employees are in over 100 offices in 17 countries. For more information, visit About Iteris, Inc.
Iteris, Inc., a subsidiary of Odetics, Inc., says it is the technology leader in systems and sensors that optimize the flow of traffic and enhance driver safety. Iteris has combined outdoor image processing, traffic engineering, and information technology to offer a broad range of transportation and safety solutions. If you are interested in viewing more information on Iteris, please visit the website at