Smith System, a professional driver training company, announced the availability of The Keys to Foul Weather Driving, its newest training video that teaches drivers how to adjust to changing weather and road conditions. The video demonstrates how to handle dangerous driving situations using the Smith System’s “Five Keys to Space Cushion Driving,” a time-tested driver training method, according to the company. "A driver that relies on fair weather skills when driving in foul weather is more likely to have a vehicle incident than a driver who is trained to adapt," said Tony Douglas, president of Smith System. "Safely driving in foul weather is a challenge that can be met with experience and driver education." The company says the video addresses the unique challenges of driving in inclement weather, including:
Driving in low visibility; Following and stopping distance; Being seen and communicating with other drivers; Braking and maintaining traction; Dealing with skidding and hydroplaning For pricing information and a full list of videos, training aids, and courses, call Smith System at 800-777-7648 or visit About Smith System
Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc. was founded in 1952 as the nation's first fleet driver safety training organization with on-road, hands-on safety education techniques for experienced drivers. Smith System delivers behind the wheel instruction to more than 15,000 fleet drivers each year and has presented their program in 47 countries. Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc. is owned by David M. Boucher and McFadden Brothers, a New York City-based investment firm. For more information, visit