Andre Stellus of New York City drives one of the world's most extreme vehicles - a New York City taxicab. That distinction earned Stellus perhaps the biggest tip in history for a New York City taxi driver - an $8,000 award - as part of the Castrol SYNTEC Key to the Cash sweepstakes. The promotion was held to celebrate the relaunch of Castrol SYNTEC, Castrol's synthetic motor oil that outperforms the leading conventional oil in extreme hot and cold weather, stop-and-go traffic and other conditions common to New York taxis. Stellus was driving the cab in New York City in which the Key to the Cash was planted with special instructions for the passenger who found it to enter a drawing (along with online entrants) for a $27,000 prize. The deadline to find the key and be eligible for the drawing was 12:00 p.m. EST on August 6, 2003. Although the key was not found by the deadline set by official game rules, Tom McGowan of Melville, N.Y., was selected in a random drawing held at 12:45 p.m., August 6, to receive the grand prize of $27,000, and Stellus received an $8,000 tip. So what will McGowan and Stellus do with their windfalls? Stellus said that the tip will be particularly helpful as the school year approaches, and McGowan plans to donate a portion of the prize money to his church. About Castrol Castrol is a global leader in marketing premium automotive product brands such as Castrol SYNTEC, Castrol SYNTEC Blend, Castrol GTX, Castrol GTX High Mileage and Castrol Super Clean. Castrol North America markets its lubricants and services to lube operators, automotive service providers and select retailers in North America. For more information, call (888) CASTROL or visit