The traditional milk carton has gotten some wheels. In an effort to help locate missing children, TruckSkin®, a division of digital graphics pioneer Britten Media, has partnered with OTR Media and Child Watch of North America to launch the Rigs for Kids project. Rigs for Kids’ mission is to increase national awareness of missing children by posting mobile billboards on the sides of trucks and other transport vehicles. The moving signs alert drivers coast-to-coast of the faces of missing children and include a 24-hour tip hotline number. TruckSkin is the exclusive supplier of materials for the 100 signs that have already hit the road. “TruckSkin’s unique marketing exposure puts us in an ideal position to help get the faces of missing kids in front of nationwide audience,” said TruckSkin Vice President Joe Lapekas. “We are pleased that our Rigs for Kids has selected our product to spread an important message and be a part of reuniting children with their families.” Since its launch in 2001, TruckSkin has signed deals to “skin” trucks or entire fleets for several manufacturers and retailers, including Procter & Gamble, Gallery Furniture, Pepe’s, Georgia Crown Spirits, Piano Nation, General Motors Isuzu Commercial Truck and more. More than 500 trucks in 47 states across the nation now carry TruckSkin panels on their sides. About Britten Media Founded in 1984, Britten Media is a manufacturer and installer of signage and banners for the sports and special events industries. Britten Media’s work can be seen on the grandstands of the Indy 500, at the US Open, at dozens of race tracks, and in rotational signs at professional and college sports arenas nationwide. The company’s signs appear at more than 500 nationally televised events annually.