Teletrac, Inc., an originator and provider of metro fleet location information systems, on Oct. 1 unveiled at ISH North America the Dynamic Dispatch feature for FleetDirector, its flagship fleet tracking product. Dynamic Dispatch will be offered as an optional feature which will enhance FleetDirector's benefits for fleet communications, customer service and customer response time by further simplifying dispatcher to driver communications, according to Teletrac. The new feature eliminates key strokes and automates the vehicle location, routing and information update process, the company said. Teletrac says its FleetDirector system enables dispatchers to view the location of their vehicles in real-time over maps on their computer screen, eliminating the need to manually radio each driver to determine his location. Vehicles are equipped with Message Data Terminals (MDT), where dispatchers can send drivers free-form text messages communicating a new job location or asking a question. Drivers can send free-form messages back to the dispatcher's computer screen. Dynamic Dispatch streamlines the driver's and dispatcher's day-to-day communications by reducing the number of key strokes necessary for both parties to communicate job information, according to Teletrac. Dynamic Dispatch gives the dispatcher the ability to create a customer screen and input necessary information about the customer and the job, Teletrac said. "With only a few key strokes or mouse clicks, the dispatcher can automatically plot the customer location with a landmark, locate the closest vehicle to a customer location, notify and dispatch the vehicle to its new job through the MDT, and receive an alert when the vehicle arrives at the customer location without driver intervention," the company said in a press release. "For contractors and service professionals, fast customer response time and smooth, efficient operations makes or breaks a business's bottom line," said Tim Van Cleve, COO of Teletrac, Inc. "The new Dynamic Dispatch feature proves that FleetDirector is more than just a tracking system - it is a vital tool that our users rely on to improve the efficiency of their operations, from day-to-day fleet communications to customer service." For more information on the Dynamic Dispatch feature for FleetDirector or Teletrac's line of commercial vehicle location information systems, call (800) 835-3872 or visit About Teletrac Teletrac, based in Garden Grove, Calif., is an originator of wireless metro location information systems. Teletrac says it leads the industry with approximately 7,500 commercial fleet and consumer customers and has sold more than 100,000 of its tracking units throughout the United States. The company says its products give commercial fleet managers the tools to track their fleets' movements, ensure that their employees are meeting productivity goals and fulfilling the needs of their respective customers. The company offers service in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., including Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Phoenix and Detroit. Teletrac is a private, wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Trafficmaster, Plc., a traffic information provider in the worldwide telematics market. For more information, visit