Iteris, Inc., the operating subsidiary of Iteris Holdings, Inc., on Oct. 14 announced that DaimlerChrysler is highlighting Iteris' Lane Departure Warning technology in its new "Our Vision for Accident Free Driving" television ad. The lane departure warning system was jointly developed by DaimlerChrysler and Iteris, and is currently available as an option on Mercedes Actros trucks. The start of series production and first unit shipment to DaimlerChrysler commenced June 2000. Lane departure warning systems are now in use on trucks manufactured by Mercedes, Freightliner, International, and another European truck manufacturer, according to Iteris. Iteris says its lane departure warning system is a cost-effective tool to increase driver awareness and reduce accidents. By detecting unintentional departures, Iteris lane departure warning technology gives drivers more information at a time when they may be distracted or otherwise unaware of the impending departure, according to the company. "Lane departures are a serious problem with serious consequences," the company said in a prepared statement. Statistically, lane departures were listed as a factor in 44 percent of all the fatal accidents in the United States in 2002. The Iteris solution to this serious problem, lane departure warning, is part of the AutoVue(TM) family of products intended to complement the way drivers operate their vehicles. "Automotive vision systems are now becoming a reality as can be seen by inclusion of our technology in DaimlerChrysler's advertising," said Francis Memole, Iteris vice president of marketing and business development. "We see a bright future for technologies like AutoVue," Memole concluded. About Iteris Iteris Inc., is a majority owned subsidiary of Iteris Holdings Inc., and is a provider of outdoor machine vision systems and sensors designed to optimize the flow of traffic and enhance driver safety It has combined outdoor image processing, traffic engineering, and information technology to offer transportation and safety solutions. Iteris Holdings and Iteris Inc. are headquartered in Anaheim, Calif. Investors may contact the company at (714) 774-5000, or visit