Autobytel Inc.’s vehicle data division, Automotive Information Center (AIC), has been selected by Ford Motor Company’s Ford division to power the vehicle cross-comparison feature at AIC data will also power the Spanish-language cross-comparison tool at the En Español area of the site, according to Autobytel. The Ford/AIC solutions are designed to make it easy for Ford shoppers to quickly evaluate Ford models/trim levels versus multiple similar competitive brands in terms of pricing, specifications, features and options, according to the two companies. The English-language solution has launched and can be used at by clicking on the "build and price your Ford" button and following the directions. "Our comparison tool is a key customer satisfaction feature on, so it is crucial that we work with a trusted leader in automotive data," said Ford Consumer e-Marketing Manager Joyce Mueller. "AIC’s accurate, up-to-the-minute information on every OEM make and model on the market can help our customers make confident, informed buying decisions on our site." AIC is delivering the Ford cross comparison solutions via Extensible Markup Language (XML) schemas. XML, an open format that enables the integration of diverse data, provides Ford with the flexibility to customize the way the AIC data is presented to shoppers in terms of branding, layout, etc. "Ford has always been ahead of the curve in understanding the value of multi-brand information for Net shoppers," said Autobytel Inc. Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Donchak. "We’re pleased that AIC’s XML solution will provide Ford with new flexibility in meeting the needs of today’s increasingly feature-driven customers, while helping Ford continue its leadership in engaging the rapidly growing Hispanic segment." About AIC AIC provides automotive data services to the majority of OEMs operating in North America, powering initiatives ranging from internal product planning to consumer marketing/research solutions. The company’s products and programs are built around a continually updated vehicle database which incorporates up to 500+ data points on every car and truck sold in North America. AIC’s suite of auto research tools, AutoSuite™, powers major Internet portals and OEM sites, as does the suite’s Spanish-language analog, AutoEspañol™. About Autobytel Inc. Autobytel Inc., an Internet automotive marketing services company, helps retailers sell cars and manufacturers build brands through marketing, advertising and CRM (customer relationship management) tools and programs. The company owns and operates the automotive Web sites,, and, as well as AIC (Automotive Information Center), a provider of automotive marketing data and technology. Autobytel specializes in dealership lead management and CRM solutions and owns and operates AVV, Inc., a provider of dealership CRM and data extraction services. Autobytel says it generates more than a billion dollars a month in car sales for dealers through its services. Autobytel Inc. says it is also among the largest syndicated car-buying content networks, reaching millions of unique visitors as they are making their vehicle buying decisions.