American Honda Motor Co., Inc. on Nov. 3 announced a voluntary recall of certain Honda and Acura models to repair ignition switches that may allow the key to be removed from the switch without the shift lever being placed in the “Park” position. The recall involves approximately 650,000 automatic transmission equipped vehicles. Manual transmission equipped vehicles are not affected. Included in the recall are certain 1998 to 1999 Honda Accord models, some 1999 models of the Odyssey and some 2002 CR-V models. Also included in the recall are certain 1997 to 1999 Acura CL coupes and some 1999 Acura TL sedans. The situation is created by excessive wear or contamination in the key cylinder that prevents proper shift interlock operation, making it possible to turn the ignition key to the “OFF” position and remove the key without shifting the transmission to “PARK”. Owners of all affected vehicles are urged to make sure their transmission is in the Park position and the parking brake applied before exiting the vehicle. "Following this simple procedure will eliminate all potential accidents or injuries," American Honda said in a prepared statement. Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by American Honda when parts are available and asked to take their vehicle to an authorized dealer to be repaired free of charge. The repair involves the update or replacement of the lock cylinder body while retaining the original lock and key assemblies. Mailings will begin in December, according to American Honda. Customers may also contact their Honda or Acura dealer with questions. American Honda said there have been three accidents with four minor injuries reported to the company related to this issue.