Facing thorough scrutiny in a variety of performance and operation criteria, K40 Electronics’ Undetectable(R) Remote Radar and Laser DefuserPlus(R) custom installed system maintained its superior reputation by earning “highest level of protection” honors in Motor Trend magazine’s 2004 Radar Detector Test & Buyers Guide. Because the technology in both radar guns and radar detectors has evolved considerably in the last several years, Motor Trend felt an “exhaustive, objective test” would assist consumers in making an informed buying decision. Three separate radar categories were examined: portable detectors under $200, portable detectors over $200, and remote mounted detectors. When the final numbers of the test were tallied, the K40 Undetectable Remote, which K40 calls “the only radar detector with separate front and rear receivers,” combined with K40’s laser jamming Laser DefuserPlus to earn “highest level of protection” and “outstanding performance” accolades from Motor Trend. Suggested retail price for the entire system installed is $1,799.95. “It’s no surprise to us that our products are once again being hailed as the best,” said Kevin Fryer, K40’s marketing manager. “K40’s reputation for excellence began 25 years ago when we introduced the first remote radar detection system and backed it with an unheard of no ticket confidence guarantee. While many products and companies have come and gone, our reputation remains unrivaled and is one of the reasons why K40 currently enjoys 75% market share of the remote category.” In addition to its products’ performance, K40 Electronics is also known for its business structure. K40 says it remains the only radar and laser manufacturer that sells exclusively through the independent mobile electronics retailers. “Unlike other industry brands, we don’t sell direct to consumers, we don’t sell to mass merchants, and we don’t sell through distributors. In the past year, we’ve virtually eliminated all Internet sales as well,” said Lisa Senger, K40’s national sales manager. “When you combine this latest example of test proven performance with our history of dedicated partnership and profit margin protection, it’s easy to understand why independent retailers are making K40 their only radar/laser system brand.” About K40 Electronics Established in 1977 and headquartered in Elgin, Ill., K40 Electronics is a manufacturer and distributor of mobile electronics products that include custom remote radar detector systems, portable radar detectors, laser jammers, and CB radio antennas. Product information can be obtained by calling K40 toll-free at (800) 323-6768 or by visiting www.k40.com.