Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti tied for first for satisfying customers in the first three months of ownership, according to the annual survey by Strategic Vision, an automotive research firm in San Diego.

Volkswagen scored highest of all multi-brand automakers. General Motors and Hyundai led as “most improved” automakers. GM won 11 of 19 segments, and Hyundai gained ten points over last year’s survey, adding to its impressive showing in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study.

The study, called the Total Quality Index, measures new vehicle owner satisfaction. Close to 40,000 buyers were asked how much they like their vehicle overall; how many glitches they found; how much quality they perceive in the packaging and performance; how emotionally attached they are; and whether they would buy the car again if they had the chance.

J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study surveys consumers only on things gone wrong in the first 90 days. Total Quality Index show how brands scored in the consumer survey. Based on a 1,000-point scale.

Mercedes-Benz 898
Infiniti 898
Cadillac 896
Jaguar 895
Lexus 894
BMW 893
Acura 886
Audi 883
Lincoln 880
Saab 880
Volkswagen 874
Volvo 873
Saturn 871
Hyundai 868
Nissan 862
Honda 861
Chevy 861
Industry avg. 858
Mitsubishi 857
GMC 852
Mercury 851
Chrysler 851
Dodge 850
Ford 850
Buick 849
Land Rover 849
Toyota 848
Pontiac 845
Mazda 843
Oldsmobile 838
Subaru 838
Jeep 838
Kia 830
Suzuki 817
Isuzu 808