The J.D. Power Consumer Center has introduced a new feature on its automotive site that allows consumers to see how well a new vehicle retains its value over time. The PIN Retained Value system offers ratings on the retained values of new vehicles after three years of ownership. The PIN Retained Value rating measures vehicle depreciation by dividing the wholesale value of a used vehicle at retail-ready condition by the transaction prices of the same vehicle when sold new three years ago. This measure is based on new- and used-vehicle retail sales transactions from more than 6,000 franchises nationwide. The projected retained value ratings are depicted using from two to five Power Circles and incorporate the impact of vehicle design, performance, and long-term quality as reported in J.D. Power and Associates automotive studies. Additionally, brand image, product lifecycle age, new-vehicle pricing and incentives at the time of used-vehicle resale, and rental and lease sales volumes are also factored into the projection of retained values. Finally, retained value ratings for each model are based on a comparison of similar models in the same vehicle segment. To find PIN Retained Value ratings for new vehicles, visit the J.D. Power Consumer Center at