Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it will boost monthly production of the Prius gas-electric hybrid sedan from approximately 10,000 units per month to 15,000, the company said Tuesday in a statement. "When the all-new second-generation Prius was launched in mid-October of last year, we had an annual sales plan of about 36,000 units," said Don Esmond, Toyota Division senior vice president and general manager in the statement. "Two months later, in December 2003, we announced a 31-percent increase in our sales plan to 47,000 units annually, and promised that if we needed more, we would build more. Clearly, the extraordinary response to Prius took us by surprise.” The additional 5,000 units per month will be built on an existing assembly line at an existing production facility in Japan. The specific location of the plant will be announced at a later date. Production will begin during the first half of 2005.