This week released the results of their "Most Requested Cars" study for the first six months of 2004. The data represents the accumulated vehicle price-quote requests sent to dealerships by readers during the car buying process. Below are the top ten most requested brands, and the percentage of requests by each. Rank, Manufacturer, % Requests 1. Ford 11.5 2. Honda 9.2 3. Toyota 8.2 4. Nissan 7.1 5. Chevrolet 5.6 6. Jeep 4.4 7. BMW 4.1 8. Dodge 3.9 9. Volkswagen 3.5 10. Acura 2.8 The study also shows a significant increase in interest among women for very high priced vehicles. "Honda and Toyota fell many points behind Ford. This was a surprise to us, given the Japanese automakers' reputations for quality, and seeming preference among women. One would think they would have commanded a higher percentage of the women's interest," said Sandra Kinsler, Editor-in-Chief.