ST. LOUIS — Enterprise Fleet Services is introducing new “push technology” on its Website that gives fleet customers greater access to account and fleet vehicle information as it becomes available.

Customers who are registered receive regular e-mail reminders about lease and license renewals, billing information, vehicle ordering status and more. Additionally, once they log in, there is a Web-embedded link that takes them to a secure site so they can receive summary billing information and view their actual bill.

"This new system makes staying on top of important fleet management matters even more convenient," said Jeff Schuchardt, assistant VP of Fleet Services. "The tool keeps customers aware of vital fleet information and makes it easier for customers to remain focused on running their businesses while maintaining a productive and cost-efficient fleet."

The ability to "push" information to customers is the latest capability made available on the site. Programs such as Customer Summary and My Notices make information available to customers concerning their vehicle maintenance, fleet size and renewals.