Traffic congestion is growing in cities of all sizes, consuming more hours of the day and affecting more travelers and shipments of goods than ever before, according to a 20-year trends study announced Tuesday. The 2004 Urban Mobility Report, published by the Texas Transportation Institute, revealed: · The annual delay per peak period (rush hour) traveler has grown from 16 hours to 46 hours since 1982, · The annual financial cost of traffic congestion, which has ballooned from $14 billion to more than $63 billion since 1982 (as expressed in 2002 dollars), · Fuel totaling 5.6 billion gallons was lost to engines idling in traffic jams. This year’s installment increases the number of urban areas studied from 75 to 85, and includes all urban areas exceeding a population of 500,000. To view the complete study, click here