Automaker BMW set nine new records for hydrogen-driven cars with combustion engines last week at a high-speed testing ground in France. The company’s H2R prototype vehicle reached 186 mph in less than 12 seconds. The H2R record car, using a version of BMW's 12-cylinder 6-litre engine, uses liquid hydrogen to achieve 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 6 seconds. The fuel injection system was adapted to hydrogen by enlarging intake valves and modifying valve seat rings, while hydrogen-specific injection valves were used and relocated to the intake manifold instead of the combustion chamber. BMW said it plans to offer a car that runs on both gasoline and hydrogen within the next four years. BMW chief executive Helmut Panke has told the media he would include a hybrid 7-Series car in the company's catalogue soon. Panke said BMW plans to use hydrogen fuel with internal combustion engines, instead of the fuel cells that other carmakers are using in their hydrogen test vehicles.