Los Angeles - The California Air Resources Board (CARB) last week approved tough auto emissions regulations. The new rules call for the auto industry to cut exhaust from California's cars and light trucks by 25 percent and from larger trucks and sport utility vehicles by 18 percent, according to the Associated Press. The proposals would require automakers to reduce emissions by using such technological innovations as better air conditioners, more efficient transmissions and smaller engines. CARB estimates the additions to new vehicles could result in a price increase of $1,000 for some vehicles. The auto industry estimates the increase to be as much as $3,000. Automakers will have until 2009 to begin implementing changes to vehicles. The regulations will have to be phased in completely by 2016, at which time emissions gases such as carbon dioxide would be reduced by 30 percent. The regulations still need to be approved by the California legislature. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger supports the regulations and has pledged to fight any lawsuits brought by automakers. If California passes the law, other states are likely to follow.