provides a ticket appeals service online for individuals and a growing number of businesses with fleets. The company’s profits will total more than $3 million this year, according to a story this week in CNET The service, started by New York native Glen Bolofsky in 1982, will fight parking tickets for fines incurred in New York City, San Francisco or Washington, D.C. For half the cost of what the ticket charges, will fight the ticket for you--and it usually wins, Bolofsky says. If it loses the company refunds the original payment.'s list of customers includes companies with large fleets such as Anheuser-Busch, Kraft Foods, NBC and CNN. The service gets roughly 75 percent of the tickets dismissed and has helped clear an estimated $100 million in tickets over its 20-plus years of operation, according to the CNET report. Bolofsky says that most parking tickets are themselves in violation. For instance, it is actually legal for most commercial vehicles to double-park while making deliveries, for up to three hours. Ignorance of such rules and lack of knowledge on how to appeal a ticket mean that many people pay tickets when they shouldn’t have to. The service refuses to appeal any tickets that involve perceived safety issues, such as blocking a fire lane or misusing a handicapped parking spot. The company will launch operations in Chicago and Los Angeles later this year, and has plans for similar offerings in Boston, London and Montreal, the report said.