Kelley Blue Book released the results of a new Presidential poll this week. The results show that what you drive may affect who you vote for in the upcoming presidential election. According to the study, if you drive a Mercury, Ford, GMC or Chevy, you'll likely be voting for President Bush. If you drive a Hyundai, Toyota or a Subaru, you'll likely punch your voting card in the Senator John Kerry box. The study also shows that voters support candidates with similar vehicles to their own. The President has made it known that he drives a Ford F-250 on his ranch in Crawford, Texas. It may be no surprise then that Bush is finding heavy support from drivers of large SUVs and full-size pick-up trucks like the Chevy Suburban or Ford F-Series trucks. While Senator Kerry's family owns several cars, he is best known for driving an old Dodge convertible around Washington D.C. The Kelley Blue Book study shows Kerry snagging votes from just over half of convertible drivers. Five of six hybrid drivers in this study are for Kerry. Overall poll results show President Bush winning the election among drivers by 20 points. 58.6 percent of drivers plan to vote for President George Bush 38.3 percent of drivers plan to vote for Senator John Kerry 2.2 percent of drivers plan to vote for Ralph Nader 0.8 percent of drivers plan to vote for someone else altogether While the poll found Independent candidate Ralph Nader did not carry the vote among any brand, he did garner the most support from drivers of the now defunct GM brand Oldsmobile. Editor’s note: While working door-to-door in college for a liberal grassroots-lobbying group, spotting a Volvo station wagon in the driveway was a sure sign of a big contribution. Somehow not surprising, right?