A press release on the Web site of the Association of Pizza Delivery Drivers has announced the formation of a union in 46 states. Drivers in two states are taking legal steps to form an official union. On October 5, a Domino’s Pizza in Lincoln, Neb. sent enough cards to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to fulfill the requirements to unionize, the release says. Those workers must now vote on whether to form the union. The NLRB could schedule a union election in four to six weeks. A similar election at a Pizza Hut franchisee in Sunbury, Ohio, has been postponed until a Cleveland judge rules on a dispute over the union’s validity. The franchisee, Hallrich Incorporated, claims that organizers didn’t collect the minimum number of union cards for union consideration, which is 30 percent of affected employees. The Web site states: " Companies and franchisees are not compensating drivers properly for mileage incurred on the job. With more than one robbery a day, pizza delivery ranks as the fifth most dangerous job and yet we see a considerable lack of safety regulations, training, tools, and persistence. We have seen the alarming rise of ‘delivery charges’ nationwide and their corresponding pinch in driver tips."