TOKYO -- Gulliver International Co., Japan´s largest independent used-car company, will enter the United States next year, Automotive News reports. The company will operate a chain of stores that will buy used vehicles from individuals and resell them at auctions. Later, it might sell some on the Internet. The company will keep costs low by eliminating used-car sales lots and sales promotions. Presently there are no major outlets that only buy vehicles, according to Automotive News. By fall 2005, Gulliver plans to have up to six outlets that buy used vehicles on the West Coast. It will consider expanding throughout the United States. Gulliver´s online system accounted for 18 percent of sales in the last fiscal year. The rest went to auctions, according to the report Gulliver´s online service gives customers a vehicle´s profile, including its age, color, mileage, condition, price and accident history, if any. Gulliver also rates the vehicle´s condition with a brief comment and appraisal score.