The Infiniti G35 continues to lead the list of most requested vehicles to lease on a popular direct-to-consumer leasing site. The G35 has remained in the number one spot in new car leasing for the sixth straight quarter on, according to Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS). For the first time in five years no American brand vehicles were represented on the list. The zero percent finance programs and customer rebates that have been so popular since 2001 have taken their toll on residual values, ACS said. These incentives continue to hurt resale value on vehicles. The new car list is split with German and Asian makes while the used car list is dominated by only German lines. These manufacturers do a great job of balancing special lease programs while maintaining a strong resale value, said ACS. The Top 10 Most Requested Models New Car Rankings 2004 3rd Qtr, 2nd Qtr 1 1 Infiniti G35 2 2 BMW 330 Series 3 4 Acura TL 4 5 BMW 325 Series 5 3 Honda Accord 6 nl@ BMW 5 Series 7 6 Audi A4 8 7 Mercedes Benz E Class 9 8 Honda Pilot 10 9 Acura MDX Used Car Rankings 2004 3rd Qtr, 2nd Qtr 1 6 Porsche 911 2 1 BMW 330 Series 3 2 BMW 5 Series 4 7 BMW 7 Series 5 9 Mercedes Benz S Class 6 8 Mercedes Benz CLK Class 7 nl@ Mercedes Benz CL Class 8 3 Mercedes Benz E Class 9 nl@ Mercedes Benz SL Class 10 10 Porsche Boxster nl@ = not previously listed