In Washington, Motorists can now go to the website of the Washington State Patrol and report highway aggressors to law enforcement officers. Those drivers will be added to a database. One incident will generate a letter to the vehicle's registered owner. Troopers may pay a visit to the owner of a vehicle with multiple reports, according to a story in the Christian Science Monitor. A similar program in Phoenix asks motorists to document bad driving by filling out an online form, listing the time, location, perceived infraction and license plate. The complaint goes into a database that can be viewed by paying members. Anyone, however, can pay $7.50 to access a detailed report, according to a story in the Arizona Republic. The accountability factor could lower crash rates, the program's founder says. Fleet management crews in Chicago are adding “How's my driving?” stickers to city trucks, vans and cars, according to a report in the Chicago Sun Times. Motorists can non-emergency 311 to report city vehicles violating traffic laws or other illegal behavior. The stickers will not be added to police vehicles, the report says.