Global positioning satellite systems have revolutionized the way businesses track, dispatch and route work vehicles. But GPS is being used in new creative ways, from fining rental customers for traveling out of state to keeping an eye on teenagers to plowing farm fields. Now this: Investigators in Ohio arrested the prime suspect in a kidnapping case by using a GPS device on the suspect's car, according to news reports. Court documents show that investigators tracked the prime suspect in the disappearance of 5-year old Emily Rimel, a Madison Township girl who vanished December 7, with one such system. Investigators were able to let prime suspect Lindsey Bruce, 23, think he was in the clear while tracking his every move. Investigators were able to procure the tracking device with a search warrant. His car was impounded and returned with the device. Police believed he would travel in such a way that investigators could ascertain the whereabouts of Emily. For eight days, investigators knew every move Bruce made in his car, including his return to areas crucial to the case. Bruce was charged with rape after DNA taken from his body matched Emily's. Emily has not yet been found.