The 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is the fastest, most-powerful car ever offered by GM, according to a report in Introduced at the 2005 North American International Auto Show, the ’06 Z06 features a 500-hp 7L OHV V8 engine that achieves 0-60mph in less than four seconds, GM says. Also, the ’06 Z06 is expected to deliver a top speed of more than 190 mph and complete a quarter-mile time in less than 12 seconds. The Z06 was developed in conjunction with the forthcoming C6-R racecar—everything from suspension geometry to aerodynamics. The highlight is the all-new LS7 engine, which reintroduces the 427-cu.-in. engine to the Corvette lineup. Unlike the previous 427 engine, which was a big-block design, the new LS7 is a small-block V8, the largest-displacement small block ever produced by GM. The Z06 retains the 106-in. wheelbase of other Corvette models, as well as the short-long arm suspension and transverse leaf spring design. But it rides on all-new wheels, tires, brakes, as well as its own rear spring and roll stabilizer. Exterior design cues include a wide front fascia with a large grille opening, an air scoop mounted in front of the hood, a fixed-roof, wider rear fenders, tall rear spoiler houses, 10-spoke wheels and four larger stainless steel exhaust outlets. The cabin features leather seating, dual-zone air conditioning, Head-Up Display, a revised gauge cluster and smaller-diameter three-spoke steering wheel, according to the report.