NEW ORLEANS – General Motors announced Sunday that OnStar and StabiliTrak will become standard features for retail customers on all GM vehicles sold in the United States and Canada, the company said at the National Automobile Dealer’s Association convention. GM has already begun installing OnStar, the safety and security service that uses global positioning satellite technology, as standard equipment. All vehicles will be equipped by 2007, though some commercial vehicles will be excluded, GM said. The first year of OnStar is included free on all GM OnStar-equipped vehicles. Electronic stability control, sold by GM as StabiliTrak, is standard on many GM full-size SUVs. It will expand to midsize SUVs this year. Remaining GM SUVs and vans will have StabiliTrak standard by the end of 2007, the company says. It will be standard on all GM cars and trucks sold to retail customers by the end of 2010. As enablers of electronic stability control, antilock brakes and traction control will become standard as well, according to GM. OnStar’s features include automatic alerting of emergency services when air bags deploy and the ability to assist authorities in locating stolen vehicles, or to remotely unlock doors when keys are left inside. Electronic stability control helps a driver maintain vehicle control during challenging or unexpected driving conditions, such as ice, snow, wet pavement and emergency lane changes or avoidance maneuvers.