The Progressive group of insurance companies conducted an online survey that found adults were no more knowledgeable about how auto insurance works than were teens, according to a story in Driving Today, an online magazine. Here are some results from the Progressive survey as reported in Driving Today: Credit History There is a proven correlation between a driver’s credit history and the likelihood he or she will be involved in a crash. Credit history is considered when calculating rates. Yet 71 percent of teens and 63 percent of adults do not think that credit problems affect the cost of their insurance coverage. Car Color Car color does not affect insurance rates. Yet 30 percent of adults and 22 percent of teens think it does. Neighborhood Where you live affects your rates (more congested areas have more auto accidents and vandalism/theft) though only 57 percent of teens and 71 percent of adults know that where they live affects rates. Uniformity of Rates Rates vary widely from company to company (as much as $586 for sixth months) because each company has different costs of doing business and different experiences paying claims. But 23 percent of teens and 18 percent of adults think auto insurance rates are pretty much the same from company to company.