The New York City Mayor’s Office and city council members are trying to reach a deal on a series of bills that would transform the city's car and truck fleet, and improve the city's air, according to a report on today. If approved, the bills would require all of the city's non-emergency vehicles to be as environmentally friendly as possible, the report says. That means thousands of new hybrid cars could be on city streets over the coming years. The council's goal for cars would be to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent within six years. Under the bill the city's trucks, school buses, private waste haulers, and sightseeing buses would have to switch to ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. At the moment the fuel is not widely available in the city. The city council will hold a hearing on the proposals today, the report said. There are currently 7800 non-emergency vehicles in the city's fleet. About forty percent already use alternative fuels.