A recently filed state bill says that Texas motorists may soon be fined for any of a number of actions cited as "inattentive driving," according to a statement from a legal group that fights traffic tickets. House Bill 1810, pending in the Texas State Legislature, was filed on March 1st, according to TixNix. The bill is authored by Representative Paul Moreno of El Paso. Among the potential violations, drivers may be punished for reading or writing, eating or drinking a non-alcoholic beverage, using a computer or performing personal grooming while driving. In addition, using a CB radio or talking on a cell phone would constitute a violation. "Interacting with a vehicle passenger," could also constitute a violation. The proposed legislation states that, "An offense under this subtitle is punishable by a fine that is at least twice the minimum fine applicable to the offense and not more than twice the maximum fine that is applicable to the offense."