A UK company says it has curbed speeding fleet drivers by 30 percent using a telematics system, according to an April 19 Fleet News Net story. The anonymous information technology company installed the system after its accident rate became too high. Fleet managers thought speeding was to blame but had no conclusive data. The GPS-based system highlighted the drivers who posed the biggest speeding risk by assessing the frequency of incidents against the number of miles driven. Drivers were then shown the data and advised to complete a two-month program to help them manage their speeding, according to the report. If drivers failed to stop speeding the company issues a written warning. If this then fails they are provided with driver training. If they continue to speed after the training, the are dismissed, according to a company spokesperson. After installation of the system, supplied by Cybit, data showed a 30 percent reduction in all speeding. With drivers caught doing speeds of 90-99 mph, 93 percent stopped breaking the law. Drivers doing speeds of 80-89 mph curtailed speeding by 53 percent, and those speeding 70-79 mph by 38 percent. A third of drivers said they made significant changes to driving behavior within two weeks of being told they were speeding, according to the Fleet News Net report.