And this just in from the “it was only a matter of time” department: For SUV owners who never go anywhere wilder than the mall but want to at least look like a wilderness adventurer, there’s a product called Sprayonmud. The product was invented by Colin Dowse, a businessman from Shropshire, England, according to a June 22 news story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 'Sprayonmud is an urban camouflage designed to give the impression that you are a serious off-roader,' he said in the report. The product is made from local dirt, strained of stones and debris, mixed with water and a secret ingredient to help it stick to bodywork. Dowse said he could barely keep up with Internet sales of the product at $14.50 a quart. He’s received orders from Japan to New York and claims it’s very big in Germany. Distribution will start in North America in a few months. If you thought this was a late April Fool's joke, here's the Web site: