Salt Lake County had been going through cars a a rapid pace. The county fleet was reselling cars an average of 18 months after purchase. County leaders, however, are looking to get more use out of their fleet before trading up, according to the Assoicated Press. Mayor Peter Corroon pointed to the high cost of rapidly rotating the fleet as motivation to change. He noted that Salt Lake County was turning into a car dealership rather than saving money because of low maintenance on newer vehicles. By replacing the vehicles inside of three years, running the county’s auto sales became expensive. The cost of preparing the used cars for sale and adequately equipping the newer vehicles ran the price tag of the operation up, as well. Corroon and other department heads met with consultants yesterday to review a possible fix to the system. Corroon said he will likely push to extend the life of county vehicles as part of a fleet report in July. This comes on the heels of county fleet manager Nick Morgan's retirement after the operation of the fleet was called into question.