Car fleet management company Masterlease says about one-quarter of business drivers in the UK have opted out of company car plans, according to a report on The option to take cash and use a personal vehicle for business may be putting companies at risk, Masterlease said. Bosses have no way of checking the safety and suitability of the vehicles they now use for business, Masterlease said. In the event of a car accident causing personal injury or death, employers could potentially face legal action due to the fact that it may have occurred while doing business. More than 50 percent of drivers who take the cash rather than the car choose a used vehicle. Of this figure, 22 percent bought used cars that were more than three years old, the report said. There are also environmental implications. About 72 percent of drivers who opt for the cash drive cars with larger engines that are more likely to pollute. Only 54 percent of fleet drivers choose autos with larger engines, according to the report.