According to a recent analysis by Runzheimer International, it is more expensive to own and operate a car in Detroit than any other city in the U.S., with annual costs totaling $11,844. The firm, specializing in employee mobility reimbursement, found Philadelphia and Los Angeles following with $10,672 and $10,361 in annual costs, respectively. Expenses factored included ownership and operating costs such as fuel, oil, tires, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, and license and registration fees. Using a 2006 Ford 500 SEL 4-door sedan as a model, the analysis showed driver spending for the same car was approximately $7,400 pre year in Knoxville, Sioux Falls and Grand Forks. That represents a difference of almost $4,500. Insurance rates were a common, high-cost factor for the most expensive cities with Detroit drivers seeing annual rates of nearly $5,162, Philadelphians spending $4,142 on insurance and Los Angelinos rates run $3,225 per year. Testing cars driven 60,000 miles over a four-year period showed maintenance costs ranging from 7.35 cents per mile in San Francisco to 4.69 cents per mile in Bismarck. A listing of annual ownership costs in select cities: Detroit -- $11,844 Philadelphia -- $10,672 Los Angeles -- $10,361 Boston -- $9,660 Miami -- $9,216 Baltimore -- $9,125 Denver -- $8,949 Houston -- $8,467 Topeka, Kan. -- $8,178 Grand Forks, N.D. -- $7,423 Sioux Falls. S.D. -- $7,401 Knoxville, Tenn. -- $7,399