Last year, California’s fleet of vehicles reached 70,000, but a recent asset-management campaign have officials able locate just 40,000, the Oakland Tribune reported. The State and Consumer Services Agency is trying to clean up what officials say has been years of disorganized and inefficient management by past governors, both Democratic and Republican. The agency is trying to maximize resources, improve efficiency and reduce spending by consolidating fleet information. At one point, the department found that one government agency bought $4 million in vehicles, but had no record of where they were purchased, according to the report. Though the agency knows that the state spent $33.6 million in 2004 on automobiles, it does not know the total value or ongoing costs of California’s fleet. Recent legislation requires all government and state university fleet operations to report vehicle information to the State and Consumer Services Agency, the report said. Currently, a computerized system is being developed that will track the number, value and costs of all fleet vehicles. It would also provide information such as purchase date, location and accrued mileage.