The Kentucky Transportation Department was met a with a few surprises when it decided to perform an assessment its government fleet, including finding vehicles the state didn’t know it owned and vehicles the state didn’t know it had sold, according to The Kentucky Post. The state’s transportation department discovered it had 148 vehicles it didn’t know it had and had sold 64 vehicles that were thought to be in the state’s inventory. Among the hundreds of the repair problems found, three vehicles weren’t safe to drive anymore and 18 had brake problems. Of the 5,646 vehicles tracked in Kentucky’s first-ever inventory inspection, 1,111 were assigned to specific drivers, while many were unused as people were paid significant amounts to drive their personal vehicles. In an effort to better organize and manage its motor pool, the state will place the vehicles under the control of the Division of Fleet Management. According to the report, Kentucky is looking to save millions simply from reassigning and relocating vehicles. The state will also better monitor fleet sales, so that it might be able to receive greater financial benefit from selling the vehicles earlier.