PHH Arval, a subsidiary of PHH Corporation, has announced a partnership with FleetRisk Advisors, a provider of risk management and loss control services for the fleet transportation industry. Under the agreement, PHH Arval and FleetRisk Advisors will combine their technologies to test a new service that could give corporate risk and safety managers the ability to predict accidents so that corrective action can be taken before an incident occurs. The new service, which is being tested over the next several months, will combine data from the following: · Years of fleet transaction data stored in PHH Arval's data warehouse · Data obtained from PHH Onboard(SM), PHH Arval's new telematics-powered fleet service · Data from participating client organizations · The advanced predictive technologies provided by FleetRisk Advisors The goal of this test is to combine data from these technologies and sources to deliver a powerful tool that leverages data mining and predictive analytics to help fleets predict which combination of risk factors are most likely to produce an accident - and ultimately improve the company's risk profile. FleetRisk Advisors provides extensive relational database technology and sophisticated analytics to help identify specific causes of loss, implement effective countermeasures, and monitor the performance of both safety and operational efficiency programs. Their services build upon the infrastructure of established fleet telematics providers. PHH Onboard, scheduled to be introduced to the general market this fall, is an integrated fleet and telematics information, consulting, and reporting tool. It will deliver services in three key fleet-related areas: risk management, workforce productivity, and vehicle performance.