The automotive tax experts at Empower, Inc. announced this week the release of the Business Vehicle Optimizer, an online tool that generates comprehensive tax and financial information on any make and model of vehicle, new or used. The program takes variables such as tax class, annual miles, amount financed, percent business use, GVWR, loan/lease term, buy or trade-in and interest rates and calculates them through current IRS codes, tables and revenue rulings. The results, presented in an easy-to-understand overview and detailed reports, show the most prudent acquisition method from both a tax and financial standpoint. “Lessors, tax accountants, fleet managers and business owners now have a complete solution to complex vehicle acquisition decisions in a single program,” says Bob Leidgen, president of Empower, Inc. “The wrong choice can cost thousands. This puts a wealth of information at the fingertips of the user to make an informed decision immediately.” The program is available through Bobit Business Media’s fleet portal at A product demo is online now.