PHH Arval announced this week the general availability of PHH Onboard, a fleet service that integrates Telematics data with fleet information and consultation. PHH said in a statement that the service reduces costs, increases driver safety and productivity and enhances the performance of critical business assets. PHH said that PHH Onboard can reduce fuel costs by 10 percent, idling time by 25 percent, and unauthorized use by 100 percent. The system can also help eliminate driver behaviors that cause accidents and increase risk. PHH Arval clients have been beta-testing the service for several months and have found that PHH Onboard can eliminate speeding over company policy, capture accurate odometer readings and reduce fuel expenses. PHH Onboard combines the following elements: · Advanced Telematics provided by Networkcar (, installed in the vehicle for remote monitoring of vehicle performance, location, and security. · Real-time, Internet-based vehicle performance and risk management reporting based on Telematics information integrated with over 12 years of industry and vehicle data stored in PHH's comprehensive data warehouse. · Fleet management consulting expertise that provides data analysis, policy development, benchmarking, metrics, and recommendations that result in more informed decisions, more effective negotiations with maintenance suppliers, and more proactive identification of exceptions to client policies. According to Paige O'Neill, PHH Arval's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, "The future of fleet management will be driven by new and innovative combinations of technology and information, made actionable through consulting expertise. PHH Onboard is a first for the fleet management industry, and it's changing the way our clients manage their fleets by enabling them to be proactive instead of reactive. Our beta clients are also finding that the savings in fuel and the reduced accident rates more than justify the initial cost of the service."