FORT WORTH, Texas -- In what one attorney says is an indication of a “disturbing pattern of dangerous activity” by the nation’s trucking industry, a Fort Worth waste-disposal company is the second Fort Worth, Texas trucking firm in the month of December to be hit with a multimillion-dollar payout after one of its vehicles was involved in a fatal crash, according to the Star-Telegram. IESITX agreed to an out-of-court settlement late last month that requires them to pay the family of Jimmy D. Jordan $2.25 million. The waste-disposal company and the family were scheduled to go to trial in a Tarrant County civil court in early January. Jordan was killed in a March 2004 accident. Earlier this month, a jury returned a $2 million verdict against the Fort Worth Carrier Corporation stemming from a 2001 crash in Missouri that killed a Tennessee man and injured his wife. In the Texas crash, questions were raised about the garbage truck’s maintenance record as well as the driver’s qualifications. In the Missouri accident, the amount of time the driver had been allowed to stay behind the wheel, ultimately resulting in fatigue, was raised during the trial. In both cases, the trucking company is responsible for monitoring vehicle maintenance and driver safety.