Beginning this year, the movements of drivers across the UK will be monitored on a network of CCTV cameras, according to Fleet News. More than 50 local authorities across the UK have now signed agreements allowing the police to convert thousands of existing traffic cameras so they can read number plates automatically. Police are now also talking to the Highways Agency, supermarkets and petrol station owners to include their own CCTV cameras into the network. From March, data will be collected on the movements of every motorist using the UK’s road network and fed into a central database installed alongside the Police National Computer in Hendon, north London. The Hendon centre is expected to store details of some 35 million license plates recorded each day with the time of the identification and the location. The system will alert police of a car is stolen, if road tax has not been paid or if the driver is uninsured. Fleets are also being told that they could see their accidents rates drop as traffic officers believe the system will rid the road network of disqualified drivers, who are more likely to be involved in an accident.