A Toronto City Councillor has proposed a ban on all truck deliveries in Toronto’s downtown core during rush hour (7-10am, 3-6pm), the Toronto Star reports. However, the Toronto City Council has voted to refer the motion to the Works Committee for public input and deputations. The motion, presented directly to City Council by Councillor Michael Walker, had not been previously considered by the Council or any of its committees. It therefore needed a 2/3 vote to by-pass committee consideration, but failed to get that support. Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) president David Bradley wrote a letter to Councillor Walker as well as the mayor and all members of Council that said delivery schedules are not established by the trucking industry, Trucknews.com reports. The OTA reported that a number of councillors responded to Bradley's letter with favorable comments. Officials from the association also said that though they're pleased with the council’s decision, they still fear the possibility of the initiative being enacted. The OTA plans to make a strong presentation to the committee when the hearings are held. Walker said other large cities, including New York City and London, England, have similar bans. "Ultimately, we should look at prohibiting truck deliveries throughout the whole day," he said.